Elderly Housing in AU: Options for Older People

Elderly HousingMuch has been said about the housing issues of first-time buyers and renters across Australia, but only a few realises that the elderly face bigger problems. Everything declines in older people, such as health and income—only accommodation prices remain the same. Because many of them don’t own a house or have the means to live in a retirement village, they struggle and suffer the most.

This could be your parent, grandad or any relative close to your heart. Although they may not ask for your help, you ought to extend a hand to make them feel free from any stress related to housing. At their advanced age, the last thing they should worry about is where to live.

If money is a problem to take your elderly to a nursing home, GranDesignsWA.com.au says these three are your best solutions:

Erecting a Kit Home

Nothing beats kit homes when it comes to affordability. Despite the impending drop in real estate prices in some major cities, this housing alternative remains the more economical route to take. Modern kit homes in Perth, WA, Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, QLD come in a large variety of designs to appeal to different preferences. They, of course, only require a small piece of land, and can be built all by yourself.

Building a Granny Flat

Your empty backyard lot may be the new home for your elderly loved one. Even if granny flats have now become a profitable rental venture, these dwellings are still best for the old people you care the most. Apart from giving them a private space, living next doors to them makes it easier to look after them.

Sharing the Same Roof

If your house is too big for your family, it wouldn’t hurt to let another member in. Compared with other Western cultures, Australians are more open to living in the same property with their elderly. This may even be the most cost-effective solution, as it might not require any sort of home improvement at all.

Housing is a true dilemma for older people in many parts of Australia, but it’s not without a solution. You have plenty of options at your disposal to give your elderly relative one less thing to worry about.