Ergonomics Assessment in Office Workstations

office workstationsMost people spend forty hours a week in the office. Even if you knew the health risks of sitting all day, you will probably still need your employees to stay seated in front of the computer for eight hours.

Instead of worrying about their health insurance because of back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other health complaints, you can set up ergonomic workstations that benefit both your employees and your business.


This discipline tries to understand how the human body interacts with its physical environment and aims to develop and apply theories, methods, and designs to maximise health and optimise systems. It basically arranges things so people can move efficiently. As you probably know, fatigue is an important work health issue. Ergonomics tries to minimise or eliminate that problem.

Ergonomics Assessment

You have probably thought about workplace safety when you built your office, but ergonomics is so much more than that. Here’s how ergonomic workplace providers assess and deliver workstations that cater to employee needs:

Identification and Assessment – Professionals that offer ergonomic office workstations Perth business owners recommend will first identify existing risk factors and hazards in your workplace. They will interview employees about any complaints, and will then assess work posture and equipment.

Adjustment – Based on their findings, they will then adjust existing equipment like chairs, keyboards, and footrests and turn them into posture supporting tools. This is to target common work complaints such as back, shoulder, and wrist pain.

Action Plan and Supply – After adjusting the existing equipment in your office, these professionals will then recommend and prescribe ergonomic office workstations that Perth locals will envy you for. The action plan will also include lighting, noise, hazardous substances, and applicable personal protective equipment for your employees and building staff.

Providing your employees with ergonomic workstations will improve their postural awareness at work. The smartly designed equipment will reduce injury, comply with health and safety legislation, and boost worker comfort and productivity. Your happy employees will make you a happier business owner.