Fire Dampers: Regulated for Safety

Fire dampers are one of the safety devices that every homeowner should be investing in. In case of fire, they will prevent the flames from spreading, particularly air ducts, firewalls, and other small partitions. Even though residential homes use simpler heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems compared to commercial buildings, fire dampers can make a big difference to the occupant’s safety.

Standards Australia points out that even though fires rarely start in Sydney air conditioning ducts and other HVAC systems, these small channels are capable of spreading fire throughout the building. Fire dampers, therefore, are essential safety devices that need to be regulated, according to the guidelines set by the organisation regarding their installation and maintenance.

Standards Australia recommends that fire dampers should be made of steel sheets and strips that are hot-dipped, zinc-coated, or aluminum-coated. If the company prefers to use wrought alloys steels instead, these should be stainless and heat-resistant. The organization also requires fire dampers to be tested for combustibility and fire resistance. This will ensure that the material and design enable the device to perform the function it is intended to.

Once fire dampers are installed, regular maintenance is mandatory. Standards Australia recommends four elements in this process. The first is inspection, which requires the visual examination of the physical condition of the devices. Second is testing, which checks whether the entire system and individual components are fully functioning.

Third is the maintenance process itself, which involves the repair, restoration, and replacements of fire dampers. After this process is the fourth and final step, which is surveying. This once again visually inspects the ducts to check for damages or changes that might have come up during the other maintenance processes.

Fire dampers are just as important as a structure’s HVAC system. These devices actually make sure that these indoor technologies perform their job. There are plenty of air conditioning companies that offer designing, installation, and maintenance of fire dampers. If you need one for your home or businesses, get in touch with one now.