Flatbed Trucks: For the Large, the Odd-Shaped, and the Heavy

flatbed trucksWhen it comes to regular logistic needs, there are hundreds of moving and shipping services in the US for you to choose from. However, there are times when a normal, enclosed vehicle isn’t the best option. This is where companies that have flatbed trucks in their fleet come into play.

The Flatbed Truck Difference

The main purpose of flatbed trucks is to transport large, odd-shaped, and heavyweight equipment, items, and materials from point A to point B. In many cases, these trucks replace normal container vans or trucks and other enclosed vehicles with restrictive sides.

In other words, if the equipment or materials you need to move are too awkward of a load, flatbed trucks are the wisest choice. The flatbed can accommodate even people. In Rhode Island, a flatbed truck was used to transport a man weighing over 1000 pounds from Providence to Cranston.

When to Hire a Flatbed Truck

Since flatbed trucks feature a flat and level body, they are ideal for carrying and moving any item that will not fit in enclosed trailers. It is for this reason that individuals and companies prefer them for the transportation of large and extremely heavy objects.

Keep in mind that, since flatbed trucks do not have sides or roofs, they should be used when moving items not prone to damage from external or environmental factors, such as the sun’s rays and heat, rain, wind, or snow. Examples of such are construction materials and large, awkward-shaped machinery.

Making the Selection

When choosing which flatbed trucking company to work with, you need to first consider the location. Some companies service limited areas, but there are some flatbed trucking companies in the East Coast that can help you with state-to-state or even outside-of-the-country logistics. Capacity is another important factor to consider, and should be based on the weight of the truck load.

When transporting heavy loads, make sure you use the right equipment to make things easier. Choose a company that carries several flatbed truck sizes, and one that constantly updates its fleet with new vehicles to have the best options.