Gaiman Returns With “Sandman” After A Quarter Century

NeilGaimanSandmanNeil Gaiman has a cultish fan following and it is only fitting that he returns with a six-part series to answer some perplexing questions.  His book “The Sandman Overture” raised many questions and has left fans puzzled and questioning how the main character was captured so easily.

Vertigo comics published the Sandman Overture in 1988 and they quickly become collectible editions.  Even literary giants like Norman Mailer called it “the comic for intellectuals” – Sandman has received acclaim from critics and fans alike.  Gaiman believes it is now time to provide much needed answers and insights into the why and what.  Gaiman likens writing this series to riding a bicycle – one never really forgets.   The storyline is seen as otherworldly in its reach – giving illustrator J. H. Williams a great canvas to draw from his imagination and produce unbelievable vistas.  Publishers and fans alike are waiting to read their favorite author’s rendition of the latest in Sandman’s life.