Giving a Twist to Your Kitchen Design: The Benefits of Adding Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are always a smart kitchen addition. Other than improving the aesthetic appeal of your dining area, these products also help promote good kitchen sanitation. As the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house that you need to keep clean all the time, it’s a good decision to add glass splashbacks to the area. Other benefits of splashbacks include durability, easy installation, easy cleaning, and the availability of different designs.


Glass splashbacks improve the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. With shiny textures, they help light up the area by reflecting light on its surface. Unlike tiles that make kitchens look double its size, glass splashbacks create a more sophisticated look in your dining area. The reflection that a glass splashback gives can really help solve the lack of light in a kitchen, especially if there are no windows in the area.

Easy to Install

Depending on the area it covers, bespoke glass splashbacks come either in one big piece or in smaller pieces that are easy to install. Unlike tiles, you won’t need cement just to attach this to your kitchen walls. With predrilled holes on the corners, you can install the splashbacks yourself. Some splashbacks come with a self-adhesive backing, making installation even easier.


Splashbacks can probably last longer than your other kitchen products. As they are made from toughened glass, these products can withstand the heat, knocks, bangs, and even the scratches of a kitchen knife. Acting as an insulating layer, they also prevent the spills of food, oil, and other cooking remains on the wall.

Different Designs

If you decide to buy glass splashbacks in London, you’re guaranteed to find one that will fit your kitchen perfectly. Glass splashbacks come in a huge array of colours and designs that can complement any house interior. You can even commission a specific design you want from a glass artist or from a splashbacks manufacturing company.

Easy to Clean

Glass splashbacks are amazingly easy to clean. With a spray or moist cloth, you can easily wipe the stains of sauces, juices, oil, and small food particles away. You may wipe tiles clean, but not the grouts in between them. This is why it’s better to install glass splash backs in your kitchen than tiles.

Make your house a safer and cleaner place to live in. Install splashbacks in your kitchen and promote good hygiene in the area, while improving its overall look and aesthetic appeal.