Growing Old? Never Fear, Home Care is Here

Home CareAustralia has always been a good place to live. Now with recent reforms in their aged care programs, it is also a good place in which to grow old. The government has approved consumer directed care (CDC) packages in which an eligible person can choose the kind of home care they receive from approved home care agencies.

Here is a short explanation of the program.

People Like to Live at Home

The Royal District Nursing Service recognises that people who have lived in their own homes for all their lives would like to continue doing so in their old age. They may need some assistance, however. That is why there are home care agencies.

Just the Right Size

The Department of Human Services created home care packages for different levels of need. Home Care Level 1, for example, provides basic services for people who just need a little help. This includes help in shopping and preparing meals, and household maintenance. Home Care Level 4, on the other hand, is for people who need a lot more help.

People who qualify for this level of care usually qualify for nursing home care, but they prefer to stay at home. Services under Home Care Level 4 may include nursing care, in-home medical equipment, and mobility aids.

Qualifying for Home Care

An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will decide if you qualify for CDC and at what level. The ACAT will then send referrals to the local home care agencies in your area. They may also provide you with a list so that you can choose. A vacancy may not always be available, so you may have to wait.
As soon as there is a vacancy, a coordinator from your chosen home care provider will come to your home to discuss your needs.

Payment Matters

The Australian government pays most of the home care fees, and home care will always be available for eligible seniors. However, those who can afford it may be required to pay a percentage of the home care fees. This is the income-tested care fee.

You do not have to leave your home when you grow old in Australia. The government has implemented reforms to make it easier to quality for home care agencies.