How to Move with Your Pets

Moving to another state is a stressful activity. Just thinking about it can exhaust anyone. You have a lot of things to consider, from property documents to furniture items you’re going to bring to your new home. More often than not, pets become the least of your worries. While there are more pressing issues to deal with, pets must also be properly cared for, as they are known to feel stressed when moving to another home.

Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian

When it comes to proper animal handling, veterinarians know best. Schedule an appointment with them weeks before the big move. You can consult them for more information on how to help your pets deal with stress. Ask for items your pets can use for a more comfortable relocation.

It’s also best to get a copy of your records, vaccination certificates, health certificates, and prescriptions. It might take a while before you find another veterinarian for your pet. You can also ask your vet if they can recommend a colleague in your new community.

Read up on state pet laws

If you’re moving to a real estate in another state, in Southern Indiana for example, it’s best to read up on their laws on domesticated animals. Not every state has the same laws governing house pets; it will save you from any inconvenience if you know their ins and outs.

Search for pet-friendly facilities

Before you move to your Southern Indiana real estate, schedule a visit and look for the nearest pet-friendly facilities like a pet salon and parks. Once you’ve moved in, you can take your pet to these places to help them adapt to the change in their environment.

Make a list of important things

Apart from your personal list of things to bring, make one for your pets too. Make sure you have enough pet food for at least a week. Bring their favourite toys and portable carriers. Their toys can help them settle in faster while their carriers can remind them of their old home.

Take them for a walk

After you’ve moved in, take them for a walk. Make them feel that you are with them all throughout the changes. Allow them to associate themselves with the new place. You can have them explore the new community. Let them run around but keep a close eye on them. Real estates in Southern Indiana usually have walkways for pet owners; use them as much as possible.

While it is hard for people to leave for a new community, it is much harder for animals who can’t properly voice out their sentiments. Make sure they will not be left behind. After all, pets are a part of your family and families are stronger together.