Introducing Fibre Cement Cladding as the Most Promising Alternative to Wooden Weatherboards

fibre cement claddingPerhaps there is no better choice for a high profile project than an equally attractive and dependable external application. It is now common to see the exteriors of commercial and domestic structures covered in weatherboard material, which is usually timber.

Are you looking out for a rot-free and low maintenance alternative to wood? Are you keen on adding to your property’s aesthetics with products that come in unique finishes or textures?

Fibre Cement

Two of the most favoured alternatives to traditional architectural façade panels made from timber is fibre cement cladding and Palliside. The former is a composite—a mixture of cement, cellulose, and sand. This composition renders the product strong enough but still quite flexible.

The proportions of the ingredients may be modified depending on the requirements of the project. This kind of material fulfils important requirements such as durability, sustainability, and versatility. To lower your carbon footprint, you’ll be happy to know that these materials are friendly to the environment and energy-efficient to boot.

The building and construction industry in Australia makes use of the material for a wide range of projects, from residential and institutional applications to commercial and industrial contracts. They are used not only in building exteriors, but indoors as well.

A Better Alternative

Palliside cladding however is a more affordable alternative to fibre cement, and more environment-friendly. High-performance panels protect the building from wind, rain, and infiltration of particulates from the environment. Moreover, these are popular choices in areas determined to be at risk for fires. In fact, Palliside does all the tricks of a fibre cement cladding, but does in a greener and more cost-effective way.

The panels, which usually come in the form of horizontal boards or sheets, are easy to install and are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Aside from the abovementioned applications, this type of cladding sees use in eave linings or as deck and bathroom underlay.

Originally intended to replace building products that utilised asbestos, which was demonstrated to be the cause of a fatal respiratory condition, Palliside cladding are now popular for their strength, versatility, thermal resistance, and ability to block sound transmission.