Is Your Home Ready for a Facelift? Consider Domestic Painting

Interior PaintingIs your home crying out for a much needed facelift, but you’re unsure how to go about it? Why not consider livening up your home with new paint colours? Although a room in your home may appear tired and boring, with the right paint job, you’ll be able to see breathe life back into your home. If you’re considering doing the paint job yourself, Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators says here are the basic factors you should keep in mind.

Paint Samples are Your Best Friends

Take out the guesswork on how colours will appear on your walls by simply buying paint samples at the store. Actual paint samples will help you see how specific colours will appear on huge sections of your walls better than swatches can. Consider spending a few more dollars on samples instead of buying gallons of paints only to see that you don’t really like them later on.

Don’t Fear Colours

Instead of fearing colours, learn more about them. The right colours will set the ambience of a room and will add excellent texture and depth. You can read about colour psychology and colour schemes to ensure that your chosen colours will work well for specific rooms or sections in your home.

Proper Prepping is Key

With interior or domestic painting, you’ll have to properly prep your home prior to painting. You must move furniture around, take down wall hangings and such, tape off areas, repair or replace damaged sections, remove doorknobs and switch plates, and safeguard your flooring, most especially if you have timber flooring.

Do your Maths

Before buying paint, make sure you have the exact calculation of the total area you’re painting. This should also include your walls’ square footage which includes dormers and alcoves. You must also factor in primer, your walls’ porosity, and amount of coatings the paint requires.

Consider Calling the Pros

Domestic painting is not an easy task. If you decide to do the painting yourself and didn’t like the outcome, you’ll be spending more money instead of just calling in the pros to do the painting in the first
place. Getting expert help takes all the guesswork and stress of home painting away, so you can better enjoy your newly painted home.