Not Just for Granny: Is a Granny Flat Right for You?

Granny FlatThe notion that granny flats are just for grandma and grandpa is passé. Today, almost everything has more than a single purpose. That compact yet stylish structure became a popular investment in Australia and other countries around the globe because of its many benefits. New designs emerged and builders discovered more ways to modernise the classic flats. The availability of multiple design and customisation options allows for the construction of units that meet specific needs and serve special purposes.

With the growing popularity of multi-purpose properties, building a granny flat is a great initiative. You will be surprised how this type of property can help improve your quality of life.

Home beside a Home

A granny flat makes a good secondary home. Stay there whenever you need a quiet place to prepare reports or business presentations. The flat can even serve as sleeping quarters for your guests, as well as a perfect haven for couples.

Constructing a flat beside a primary home is a common practice, but you can build it anywhere you want, provided you own the land.

Sweet Retreat

Your kids will soon be independent grownups. Allowing them to stay on your granny flat is a good way to prepare them to live on their own. The structure is also a good teenage retreat house and an ideal living space during weekends or school holidays.

Flat for Rent

A granny flat provides an excellent investment opportunity; rent it out to earn additional income, which can cover expenses such as mortgage or utility bills. Managing the rental property, according to Classic Granny Flats, is easy because it is on your premises.

A Place for Business

Turning your flat into a home office is an excellent idea. You can save money because there is no need to construct a new structure. A beautiful office in your yard is a distinct possibility with only a few modifications.

A granny flat can be an ideal living space, a place for business, and a source of income. Talk to a contractor so you can start the design and construction process immediately.