Kramer’s Concussion Fuels FIFA’s Lack Of In-Play Injury Protocol


Image courtesy of Agência Brasil / Wikimedia

German midfielder Christoph Kramer suffered a concussion after a heavy collision during the World Cup finals in Brazil. It was the youngster’s first World Cup match ever, but he had to come off in the 32nd minute as the impact of the clash became more apparent.

Dazed Newbie

Kramer collided with Argentinian defender Ezequiel Garay in the 19th minute and went down dazed on the ground. The referee Nicola Rizzoli, however, allowed him to still play before the severity of the situation became more apparent.

The referee recounted that the player went to him and asked if he was playing in the final. After confirming the player’s repeated query, it became clear that Kramer was not in the right disposition to play on. Germany coach Joachim Loew replaced the debutant with Andre Shuerrle who went on to assist Mario Gotze for their winning goal.

FIFA Criticism

Kramer’s concussion added fuel to the criticisms to FIFA’s inaction on in-play head accidents. Some critics claim that there the protocols are lacking when it comes to addressing such injuries and preventing further danger to the players.