The Legal Advice: Know the Difference between a Lawyer and an Attorney

The Legal AdviceThe law is generally a system of rules that social institutions enforce to govern the action of society. Depending on the situation, you may need different services rendered by a lawyer or attorney.

Firms like feature personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals needed by both the plaintiff and the accused. Nevertheless, have you ever thought of the difference between a lawyer and an attorney? If you are facing a legal issue, or just looking for more information about a legal topic, you probably may wonder, how these lawful entities may help you?

Both lawyers and attorneys are legal representatives, but the difference between the two is something that most people may not be aware of until now.

What is a lawyer?

A person trained in law is a lawyer. In the United States, a person is considered a lawyer after attending law school. A student of law must pass the bar exam in their respective areas to practice law and provide legal representation. Lawyers are often relied upon to provide legal advice to clients.

What is an attorney?

An attorney-at-law is a practitioner who qualifies to prosecute and defend clients in court, who has the right to practice law in a jurisdiction. It is regarded as the title of any person practicing law, and was first used in 1768.

So what is the difference?

An attorney is a lawyer, but not every lawyer is necessarily an attorney. Obtaining the services of a lawyer means that you are asking for legal advice— the written or oral counsel based on generic facts that may affect the rights and responsibilities of clients. In addition, it requires a careful analysis in understanding the situation.

When facing legal issues, it is best to seek professional advice. Both legal advisers have different roles to fulfill. Knowing the difference between the two may help solve your problems in no time.