Lemon Houses: 3 Home Structural Problems to Watch Out For

foundation repairThere is no perfect home. Every house, even a new one, has a problem or two (or more). The key to finding a good house is knowing the problems and doing something about them.

Subtle hints could be signs your home has bigger, hidden problems. The next time you go shopping for a home, or you’re doing a home inspection on your current house, here are some things you should watch out for.

Foundation Cracks

Poorly-built homes—those that used insufficient materials or were poorly engineered—often have cracks in the foundation. Even with strict building codes and durable materials, some homes just naturally wear out and become damaged. In places like Texas, Oklahoma, and the Midwest, for example, tornadoes, storms, and floods take its toll on homes.

Water and wind damage can weaken the walls and home foundation. If your home in Harris County, TX, for example, is showing a lot of cracks along the walls and corners, your foundation may be weakening. Your best approach to avoid bigger problems is to get foundation repair. Houston Texas has several trusted companies that can easily fix this for you.

Sagging Roof

Roofs sag when they bear too much weight, often from too many layers of tiles or shingles. Damage from too much rain and snow could also weigh the roof down. Some easy ways to check this is just checking your roof and its inclination when you drive up to the house, and using binoculars to look for crinkled or curled shingles.
For this, it’s best to call a local roofing company to help you out.

Sloping Floors

Sloping floors are a common problem for older houses, especially for turn-of-the-century homes. A crooked floor could be a sign the home’s supporting structures are weak. In other cases, it could also be the result of an improper repair work. Professional home contractors can take care of this and make the floor level again.

Spotting problems before they worsen could save you a ton of money in repairs or when it’s time to sell. After all, the home is a place where you should feel safe and secure.