Looking for Student Accommodations? Keep These in Mind

Student accommodationUnless you are Brandon Lipman, you will need to wait a little longer to buy your own home. Students face financial hardships and for most of them, finding a good student accommodation is the timely option. More than the room and the amenities itself, here are four things to look for.


Unfortunately, a lot of student houses and accommodations are not maintained properly. This is why you want to find newer buildings. However, if this is not an option, look at how the administrators or building managers take care of the building.

Look for dark, damp spots in the showers. See if the window panels are still complete. Does the building administrator polish the floors?

A Good Location

A good Auckland student accommodation would be near the school and the basic amenities in the neighbourhood. It would also be close to both the academic area and the residential area. Buildcorp suggests finding accommodation options that work with big universities such as New Zealand’s Massey University.

Manageable Noise

In student housings, it cannot be helped that you will have to deal with some noise. However, this should not mean that you have to live in a rowdy neighbourhood.

Here’s a tip: try to drop by the area after visiting hours. Observe the area and the level of noise. During visiting hours, try and stay in a room to check the soundproofing. A good Auckland student accommodation will have walls thick enough to keep outside noise out and your noise in.

No Shower Trouble

Take a moment to inquire about the number of residents. Associate that with the number of shower stalls and the possible stairway traffic. The shower stalls should be enough to accommodate the residents.

Your student accommodation should be conducive to learning, not distracting. Choose a house or apartment for rent in a good location so you can focus on your studies.