Making the Most out of Your Sprinklers: Maintenance and Utility

SprinklersOnce you find a seasoned installer of irrigation, you can be sure that your irrigation or sprinkler is set for life. However, this does not mean that these systems do not require any maintenance or regulation. Far from it.

Knowing that you need to maintain it is the first step. The second is knowing how. Here are the best tips to help keep your sprinklers up and running.

1. Tune your timers accordingly.

Excessive sprinkler use is not only bad for your budget, but it is also an exercise in futility. Even if you water your lawn continuously for fifteen minutes, it will not equate to a healthier and better lawn. It will only soak it too much and eventually drown your plants.
The best thing to do is to tune your timer so that it leaves about half an hour of soaking time every after four minutes of watering.

2. Check your sprinklers regularly for any misdirection or misalignment of tubes, pipelines or sprinkler heads.

One of the culprits of sprinkler breakdown is misaligned tubes that go unnoticed. Find a provider of irrigation in Hastings that will give you the best repair and maintenance checkups every month. You can also inspect the system on your own but it will still take the eye and experience of an expert to know exactly how to deal with any issue.

3. Check the performance of your sprinkler by zone.

This holds true for any sprinkler, especially for underground irrigation systems. Try to use the sprinklers individually, by zone, to figure out if all sprinklers are working normally.

4. Placement is very important.

Last but not the least: make sure that no shrubberies or taller leaves deflect the water. This will help your lawn to get a hundred percent of the sprinklers’ output.

Consider all these and make sure to check your sprinklers regularly. Enlist the help of an expert to keep it running efficiently.