Meeting the Parents: What to Wear

Maybe it’s only been a couple of dates and they barely know you exist, or it’s already been a few months and they’ve heard so much about you. Regardless of how much time has passed, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be both exciting and terrifying. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that they will like you but taking some consideration about what to wear might help your cause.

Even though certain things will be out of your control, what you wear will still be in your power. Here are a few guidelines to simplify the process:

Staying True to Your Style

Stay true to your style, while going for an ensemble that errs on the conservative side. Avoid too revealing outfits. Keep your look timeless with a crisp, white blouse and earrings from jewelers like Karen Silver Design.

Going a Little Festive

If the meeting’s over the holidays or at a holiday gathering, go a little festive. Choose an outfit, like a cashmere sweater, dark rinse skinny or straight leg jeans, and ballet flats or riding boots. This can help you appear more radiant without flashing too many colors.

Being Casual

Meeting the parents can be a casual affair, especially if your partner’s family leads a pretty low-key lifestyle. If the venue’s an afternoon barbecue, choose a maxi dress or sundress paired with a denim jacket or scarf. You can complete the look with sandals or ballet flats. If you have a petite build, go for a silk top, a pair of skinny jeans, and wedge heels.

Flattering Your Figure

Stick with clothing in your size that worked for you in the past. Avoid ill-fitting or unflattering colors that clash with your skin tone. This can give you the confidence you’ll need to face your partner’s parents.

With meeting your partner’s parents already a complicated affair, there’s no need to confuse the situation more with your outfit. Make things simple by complementing your basic attire with a little trinket from