More Gay Couples Tie The Knot Under New Minn. Law

740953 marrjg2.jpgAs Minnesota joined the list of states that have legalized gay marriages, dozens of gay couple rushed to tie the knot on Thursday morning at Minneapolis City. The law allowing same-sex marriage was passed only on Wednesday night and already 42 couples are expected to say ‘I do’ in the hours before dawn.

Wedding’s Galore

Weddings were scheduled to be held as early as midnight at churches, courthouses and even local taverns. Minnesota budget officials have estimated that as many as 5000 couple might get married in the first year of passing the law.

Gay couples, as expected were elated beyond words. One couple said that they never thought they would live to see this day. Several others were ecstatic about choosing dresses, venues and decorations for their happy occasion. Given how pleased the lesbian couples are, it would not be inappropriate to declare Aug. 1 as ‘Freedom to Marry Day’ in Minnesota.