Nearing Deadline Puts Healthcare Site To Test

With a record number of Americans rushing to enroll themselves in the Obamacare insurance plans in an attempt to beat the deadline, the revamped official site for President Barack Obama’s signature health care plans has come under severe test that examines if the website is now capable of handling huge traffic.

Site Performing Well

health careAccording to Kurt DelBene, a former Microsoft executive who was brought in last week to take charge of the operation of the online exchanges, the site, was ‘performing well under intense consumer traffic’.

The government said that as many as 2 million people visited the site on Monday, which is the highest total in a single day. Tuesday also saw a heavy footfall although the numbers stood below that on Monday. It is however still not known how many of those who visited the site were able to get themselves covered successfully, said Tara McGuinness, a White House spokeswoman.