NJ Mall Shooting Suspect Dead

Police sources are quoted as saying that a 20 year old man who caused mayhem by shooting at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ. Richard Shoop’s actions triggered a lockdown at the mall.  The suspect was found dead in a deserted area from a self inflicted gunshot wound and a suicide note as well.  No one was injured in the shooting.nj

Police are investigating the shooting and are not clear on the motive yet. SWAT teams were deployed along with K-9 units.  The shooting started just before closing time at 9:30 PM when a man in black and also wearing a motorcycle helmet fired shots.  Mall employees and customers ran for cover.  Some of the regular employees at the mall mistook the shots for construction noise initially, but ran for cover when they saw others doing the same.  Security guards urged customers to leave if they could.