Office Upgrades 101: How to Pack and Move in 5 Days

MovingAs part of upgrading and expansion, most companies undergo office move and relocation. Despite being a big milestone of every company, relocations and movement often cause momentary disruption in the operations.

As much as possible, companies try to avoid any business interruption while moving workplaces. Conducting the move within a week will be a great help in reducing this problem. You can try this simple checklist:

Day One:

• Make sure you have the transactions for your new locations settled
• Go over your checklist that should include the following:

1. The new layout
2. Furniture, equipment, and other furnishings that are for transfer or for disposal
3. Security features of the new building
4. Scheduling of employees, by batch
5. Installation of the wirings and network especially for first batch’s use
6. Logistic planning, what to move, where to place, and how to transport

• Confirm if you have professional movers to provide the office removals. Perth has removal companies that can do move on short notice
• Cascade information to the individuals involved as soon as possible
• Have crates and sturdy boxes at hand for the packing

Day Two:

• The first batch should pack their personal items and files
• Position initial batch of furniture in the new workplace, based on the layout
• Bring IT professionals to install the networks and Internet wiring for the first batch’s use

Day Three:

• The first batch must proceed to the new workplace
• The second batch should pack their personal items and files
• Be sure to move other big items in the new headquarters

Day Four:

• The second batch should proceed to the new workplace
• Transfer final batch of furniture, and dispose or store unwanted furnishings for liquidation
• Make sure you settle any old accounts and bills for the old workplace

Day Five:

• Do a quick inventory of the items
• Pay fees for the movers and other helpers

After moving to your new headquarters, never forget the best part of your relocation: the celebration.
Bear in mind that this is only a quick guide for a possible quick relocation. For a seamless transfer, create a concrete plan and checklist a few weeks before your target date. This way, your 5-day move will be a success.