Ohio Vehicular Killing – Video Confessor Pleads Guilty

video confessorAfter having confessed to his crime via a video, Matthew Cordle stuck to the words he spoke on September 3 and on Wednesday pleaded guilty for having caused an aggravated vehicular homicide.

Earlier, immediately after the incident, a very drunk Cordle, lying in hospital, had been irate and in denial mode with the police. However, after he had sobered up and was recovering, the 22-year-old had a change of heart and decided to plead guilty at the earliest, which is why he made the confessing video.

The Sentence

Cordle pleading guilty in the case has come at lightning speed, which otherwise takes weeks and months. His sentencing is scheduled for October 10. The man now faces an 8 ½ year prison term, a $15000 fine and a loss of driving privileges for life for having a killed man while driving in a drunken state.

Officers investigating the case had said that the blood alcohol level of the accused was more than the double the legal limit of 0.08.