Out of Options? Things You Can Do With a Nursing Degree & License

Careers for Nursing Degree HoldersSome people have a nursing degree and license, but they don’t want to practice it. There are also those who are not lucky when looking for jobs in hospitals. If you’re in either category, you might want to look for another job, as evidenced by a recent study about nurses.

A survey by National Student Nurses’ Association in 2012 revealed that 36% of nursing graduates in the class of 2011 had not secured positions as registered nurses, with employers preferring experienced RNs and older nurses retiring later in life. Despite the dismal figures, the Bureau of Labor Statistics remains optimistic, noting 19% employment growth from 2012 to 2022 from various sectors. Here are some careers or sectors to make use of your nursing degree and license:

Legal Nurse Consultant

Law firms need legal nurse consultants to assist them in legal cases involving medical malpractice, healthcare issues and other matters. They may also testify as expert witnesses for medical-related cases. To find out how to become a legal nurse consultant, take short courses and get a certificate.

Company Nurse

Most companies will have nurses to comply with the government’s workplace health and safety requirements. Contractors need nurses to provide first aid during accidents. Insurance companies hire them for interpreting medical findings and reviewing claims. Nurses won’t run out of job opportunities in private sectors.

Non-profit organizations

Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and other non-profit organizations are always in need of nurses. The pay might not be much, but at least you’ll still practice your profession. You might get to travel as a bonus since these groups normally provide medical assistance in other countries.


With the high population of aging baby boomers and rising costs of medical care, the government encourages people to get health care at home or from nursing care facilities. Join or start a business in home healthcare service using your credentials. It’s a rewarding business, with a mean annual wage of $83, 030, according to BLS.

Medical transcriptionist

Understanding complex medical terms is a nurse’s selling point. Use your extensive medical knowledge and become a home-based medical transcriptionist. BLS notes that it has 14% employment growth from 2006 to 2016.

Hospitals are not the only avenues for registered nurses. Look for other options and you’ll find institutions that are in need of your degree.