Paint Me Not? Add Colour without Allergies

Painting your home is revitalising and properly chosen colour sets the mood right, but what if you are allergic to it, would that brighten up your day? An allergic reaction is the result of the immune system’s response to an unknown particle. A person may suffer from coughing, sneezing, hives, itchy skin, red eyes and, worse, it could be life threatening.

wall paintSome blame allergies to certain food and drugs, but the usual suspects may not be the only cause. The real culprits maybe everyday items such as candles and stuffed animals.

Allergy-friendly paint

Paint is composed of volatile organic compounds, which means it has a high vapour pressure. The inhalation of vapours causes paint allergies. It can cause harmful reactions even after it dries because it continues to release chemicals.

According to, a noted full-service painting company, there are eco-preferable paints best for allergy sufferers. It is formulated so people can tint their houses without fear.

More ways to reduce the danger

Though the paint does not contain any harmful content for allergic people, some are still sensitive to the material. Take some precautionary measures to make sure that you are safe.

Wear a mask and increase the ventilation by opening the doors and windows to reduce the inhalation of paint fumes. Physical contact is another factor people suffer from allergy. To prevent skin contact, wear a long sleeved top and pants. You may wear a solvent-resistant glove as well, to protect your hand if you are painting by yourself.

Take frequent breaks and if you notice an allergic reaction, leave the area and get fresh air. Be sure to wash the irritated area with water.

Your home is the place where you can have peace of mind and comfort. A well painted home provides the best and relaxing ambiance, but never risk your health. Be sure to know the paint you use.