Paris Pickpocketing Epidemic Targets Chinese Tourists

chines touristsParis, known as the City of Light and the most visited city in the world, has been suffering from increasing cases of pickpocketing. Main targets appear to be Chinese tourists.

Pickpocketing epidemic

Petty crimes against Chinese nationals have increased 22% in the city this year, according to reports from Paris police.

Chinese tourists are thought to be particularly tempting because of a cultural perspective for carrying many cash over credit cards, the South China Morning Post reported.

They could also usually be distracted more easily than other experienced travelers.

Disappointed and angry tourists along with Parisians have turned to Twitter to post warnings against pickpocketing.

Chinese tourists: World’s biggest spenders

Chinese tourists not only usually trust cash over credit cards but also, are among the biggest spenders in Paris along with Russians. They also often spend carelessly.

Businesses in Paris are afraid that the risk of theft might drive Chinese tourists elsewhere.

The number of visitorsto Paris last year was 1.4 million and was 23% higher from 2011.

According to reports, the city is a favorite destination among wealthy Chinese.

A group of luxury retailers, however, warned that top spenders would go to London or Milan instead if Paris came to seem too risky.