Railroad Company Chairman Heckled Over Accident

railroad company chairmanThe head of the railway company that owned the train that rammed into a Canadian town killing and injuring many have expressed doubts on his engineer’s version of him having set 11 hand brakes. He added that the engineer in question had worked in the firm for many years and had a completely clean safety record up till the incident.

Edward Burkhardt, the Chairman of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway was given a hostile reception at the town devastated by the incident. Burkhardt said as the Chairman it was his responsibility to collect all the criticism. He said the company had a lot of responsibility but whether it would bear the “total responsibility” was “yet to be determined”. But Burkhardt also said that firefighters who were called in to contain the blaze might have switched off the systems on the train’s five locomotives contributing to the disaster. The fire department has rejected this notion.