Rock Your Next Road Trip: Which Cars Can Go the Distance?

car hireRoad trips give you freedom to go where you want, when you want to, without the issues of an itinerary and departure times. It allows you to visit towns, eat at restaurants, and stay in accommodations most people never find in a guidebook.

A long haul road trip can present a great opportunity to spend quality time with those nearest and dearest to your heart. To make this experience fun, however, you will want to rent an appropriate road-trip vehicle.

Here are some of the best cars for long trips:

A road-trip friendly minivan

This is what you can depend on when you travel to those secluded beaches or remote areas. Hiring an 8-seater car according to can be the best option. Costly it may be, but reliability and durability to go anywhere are the backbone of minivans. Get off the beaten path and that is where its benefits begin to shine. It might make you look a geek in the city, but outdoors, you would be king.

A sporty sedan

This can be a useful companion on a road trip. Sedans have the ability to make any journey entertaining. Though this is a five-seater, its smart and well-designed interiors complement the space. You can take your pet dog and still have space for a couple of friends.

A spacious SUV

SUVs are tall, long, and wide enough to accommodate six or more passengers with enough boot space for an adventure that would last a few days. It’s a spacious car to take on any road trip. It can also withstand a terrible beating from some of the worst roads. Improvements in styling, safety, and technology have made SUVs today a dream for long haul road trips.

Rental cars have come a long way. Today you can expect a cavernous interior and hi-tech gadgets. If you are looking to rent one for a long travel, these cars can beat the dust and take you almost anywhere.