Sleep in Comfort and Style: Pillow Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Pillow DesignThe memory foam mattress is the ultimate measure of sleep comfort. Some people crave for more on top of that comfort, though. If you are one of those people, a creative dash on the pillow might just be what you need.

Check out this list to get some cool pillow design ideas:

1. Blood puddle pillow

If you would want anyone peeking in while you’re asleep to think that you have a gunshot wound, this pillow is a treasure. Both comfortable and thrilling, this pillow design is perfect for people who sleep in one position for too long—it’s perfect for that white latex topper you have on the bed.

2. Alarm clock pillow

Tired of waking up to the shrill sound of your alarm clock? This high-tech pillow is the answer—it gently wakes you up by exposing your eyes to a bright light shining through the surface of the pillow. This alarm pillow has a built-in clock design that shows the time.

3. Ctrl+Alt+Delete pillows

Though less high-tech than the previous example, these pillows are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making them as durable as they are comfortable. These pillows are the perfect addition for that modern, stunning bedroom design you want.

4. Laptop pillow

This pillow inflates when it collects the hot air expelled by your laptop while on standby. This “analog laptop extension” brings a warm and cozy shuteye for the busy user.

5. Tissue-dispensing pillow

Teary-eyed over a breakup? Love reading drama stories before going to bed? This may be the perfect companion for you. This pillow design is perfect when you’re in bed and too lazy to get the tissue box from the other side of the room.

6. Horse head pillow

If you want a little fun in your bed design, the horse head plush pillow is the bomb. Not quite as realistic as a movie prop, this pillow design still makes for a fun and adorable addition to your bedroom.

Who says sleeping can’t be fun? A memory foam mattress plus any of these pillows might just be the missing ingredient to getting that good night’s sleep.