Slipcovers: Giving Your Furniture a New Look

Buying a new set of furniture is the best ways to redecorate your home, or so many people think. By buying slipcovers for your everyday sleeper sofa and chairs, you can give your living space a new and unique look.

Available in many sizes to fit chairs, futons, sofas, sectionals and even recliners, furniture slipcovers are an easy solution if you’re redecorating on a budget. Buying quality slipcovers will be less expensive than replacing your old furniture, especially if the item is sturdy and comfortable. They accentuate your new house interior and protect your investments at the same time. Here are some guidelines steps on buying slipcovers:

The Right Measurement

As furniture slipcovers come in different sizes, it’s important to ensure that you are purchasing the proper size. Using a measuring tape, take the measurement from the longest part of the couch, including the arms. If you are buying a slipcover with a bottom ruffle, measure the distance between the bottom of the furniture and the floor. A sofa-sized slipcover fits furniture measuring 74 to 96 inches. A loveseat-sized slipcover, on the other hand, fits furniture between 58 and 73 inches long, and a chair-sized slipcover will fit furniture measuring 32 to 40 inches.

The Perfect Fit

As with clothes, perfect fitting is an important consideration when buying slipcovers for sofas for sale. A slipcover is perfectly- fitted if it provides a seamless look, making it nearly impossible to tell that the furniture is covered. This is where the right measurement can be of big help. Slipcovers fit best on round-arm furniture with rectangular seat cushions, although you can now find slipcovers for hard-to-fit furniture, such as T-cushion sofas and wingback chairs. Covers that you can drape or tie over furniture and are stretchable fit furniture best.

The Suitable Material

From cotton, to wool and polyester, to spandex, and linen, slipcovers come in different materials. If your sofa is frequently used, it’s best to choose a material that is washable or stain resistant. If you have young children, you’ll want to select a fabric that is durable and tear-resistant, too. Slipcovers also come in different designs so you can surely find those that have a unique look and fit your interiors.

Sofas are one of the most used furniture at home. From the start until the end of the day, there’s surely a member of the family who’s sitting, slumping, or lying on these comfortable pieces of furniture. Read flexsteel leather sofa reviews online to learn more about sofas and slipcovers.