Smile Your Way to Success

smilePeople make their own luck and decide their own fate. The question is, how can people turn themselves into winners? One of the best ways is a winning smile. Not just any smile, however: a genuine smile. People respond positively to a genuine smile, and are more likely to empathise or help someone who smiles.

The Science of Smiling

According to studies, people are who smile recover from social faux pas better, treated with more leniency, and are more trustworthy. All of these are incredible advantages that will give anyone an edge over everyone else. So, why are people not smiling more?

The answer is complicated. Some people just live under conditions that make it hard to smile about anything. On the other hand, some people do not have the confidence needed to pull off a genuine smile to impress the people they need to influence.

The latter group can get the needed confidence by consulting a dentist. The people in Bromley Dental say that many of their patients refuse to smile simply because their teeth embarrass them. This is the easier problem to solve, because nothing gives a person confidence better than the medical assurance of their poise.

Smile Training

The first group, on the other hand, is much harder. It requires the person to have the determination to look past what they have, and look forward to the things they want. For someone living in unfavourable conditions for most of their lives, this is next to impossible. They could not envision something they have never had. Still, smile experts formed an exercise to help such people tap into their inner smile.

No matter how bad life gets, there are always small moments of pure joy. According to experts, people need to envision that experience while looking at a mirror. It makes it psychologically easier for people to flash a genuine smile the more they see it. Seeing yourself smile trains the mind to get used to the idea of smiling, making it easier to do.