South Korean Wins World Breakdancing Title

South Korean breakdancer Kim Hong-Yeol, also known as Hong 10, defeated French rival Mounir to the title in the Red Bull BC One World Championship finals in Seoul on Saturday.

Second Victory

hong10The 28 year old dancer snatched the crown in a final dance-off against the reigning champion, after 14 other B-boy contestants in the world championship had been eliminated.

The victory marks Hong 10’s second time winning the Red Bull world  breakdancing crown, after getting the title in 2006.

“I’m speechless. All my effort and hard practice have finally paid off,” said Hong 10 after his victory.

Cultural export

Sixteen B-boys from 10 countries battled it out on the dance floor in front of a crowd in South Korea’s Jamsil Stadium.

B-boying, or breakdancing, originated in New York in the 1970s. It then spread across the world, gaining a devoted following in several Asian nations.

Because of its popularity in South Korea, the government promotes the dance style as one of its cultural exports.