Swift Separation: The State of Divorce in Nassau County

SeparationLegal practitioners in Nassau County have been well seasoned in family matters, particularly in the field of divorce. Divorce lawyers practicing here are among the best in their field due to their extensive experience and exposure in this particular legal area.

Nassau is well known for its divorce laws and rules. What are the key differences between Nassau County and all other places in the country? Here are the three key differences that make it possible for a swift divorce in this place.

Swift Divorce: Mediation and No-Fault Divorce

Nassau County divorce lawyers, according to the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, have been using mediations, as well as the state’s version of no-fault divorce to swiftly end divorce cases.

Mediation makes for an efficient and less lengthy process since it allows parties to reach a settlement with acceptable terms from both parties.

The same county also allows for the filing of no-fault divorce which is a less adversarial procedure since it does not need the parties to argue in court and pinpoint whoever is at fault. In a no-fault divorce, parties can come together and mutually file for separation.

Relaxation of Rules: Venue Preference

Another key difference is the permission to change venues. The choice of venue is freer in this county, provided that it will expedite the proceedings. Nassau County divorce lawyers use this to its full potential when it comes to the liquidation of the conjugal assets of the former spouses.

Offer of Alternatives: Concurrent Jurisdiction

The parties may choose the Family Court or the Nassau City Supreme Court since these two courts have concurrent jurisdiction. Usually, the choice lands on the Family Court since this is where legal professionals have more experience in, and cases here are more easily handled.

These are some of the key factors why Nassau County is becoming a progressive place for divorce cases. Keep in mind to enlist the services of an experienced legal counsel to have the best chance of achieving favorable results.