Taking Advantage: Rising Land Markets in the Philippines

makatiThere is no better time to look for apartments for rent in Makati City, the Philippines. The market for real estate in Metro Manila has been steadily rising in value and shows no signs of stopping. Investors are constantly on the lookout for locations that offer excellent service with relaxed tax regulations for their businesses. Thanks to a rising economy and other positive signs like simultaneous credit upgrades, things are definitely looking up.

In a 2013 report by the Urban Land Institute, the Metro ranked 12th out of 22 on a list of top investment cities. The city finished higher than Tokyo (13), Seoul (14), Auckland (17), and Osaka (22).

Capitalize on this opportunity to expand your business in a fast rising region.

Establish a Residence

The first rule for successful expatriation to a new territory is to oversee it in some capacity. Have a trusted partner or yourself go to the Philippines to stay on top of day-to-day operations. Ayala Avenue is considered as a prime location as most offices and businesses are located there. This, however, means that properties there carry a hefty price tag.

Fortunately, other locations deliver the same amenities and advantages as Ayala Avenue without hurting your bank accounts. Apartments for rent in villages like Magallanes, Belair, and Forbes are readily available, with listings detailing everything you need to know about the properties and more.

Get Someone on the Inside

Unfortunately, Philippine policy bars foreigners from holding majority land ownership. You will need to collaborate up with a local enterprise if you want to invest in the property market. Most investors are deterred by this and delay making their move in the country. You can make this work in your favor by building a strong partnership with a local start-up. This way, you can establish the name and image of your company even before any competition sets foot in the country.

This will also allow you to relate to the local business landscape more easily than if you had to make deals with them alone.

The Philippines is making great strides in trying to regain its former glory. If this trend continues, then everyone who takes advantage will enjoy gains in the coming years.