The Safe Way Out: Minimising Workplace Hazards

Minimizing hazardsCrest Foam, a mattress company in Kampala, Uganda, suffered major losses when they encountered a catastrophe that claimed the lives of six employees. According to the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development of the Ugandan government, the factory ignored the 2006 Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Ministry Undersecretary Benon Kigenyi said the employer is accountable for all measures in protecting employees. This brings to light the need for businesses to abide by and enforce workplace safety standards.

To identify possible dangers in a workplace, B&S Printing emphasises the value of using a Take 5 safety checklist.

Why Use This Checklist?

This checklist is part of risk mapping, wherein the company examines the hazards in a workplace and identifies measures to prevent these dangers. This helps everyone in the company prepare for untoward incidents. Moreover, proper planning prevents poor performance.

What are the Roles of Employers in Work Safety?

To avoid incidents like what happened to the Crest Foam employees, businesses should educate their workforce. Employers are responsible for creating awareness among subordinates. After all, standards would have no merit if employees do not understand them thoroughly. Introducing safety incentive programs is also a great way to curb the attitudes of employees and keep them motivated in following safety regulations.

Another way to ensure workplace health and safety is to prevent fatalities caused by toxic substances, violence and accidental falls. Other risky actions include hostility to equipment, impulsiveness, risk taking and rebelliousness.

Employers should take the time in discussing safety measures prior to implementation. Follow-ups and retracing of steps are necessary to cover and resolve the mistakes from the past. Risk mapping ensures that all areas of safety and quality control are under regular monitoring.

Risk assessment will only be effective if there is cooperation within the team. If everyone in the personnel works together, businesses can minimise, if not completely eliminate, risks in the workplace.