Web Design Essentials: Push Your Brand Forward with a Compelling Layout

woman using a laptopOnline marketing is not all about getting high search traffic; it also focuses on how you display your brand to attract potential customers. With the rise of social networks and blog sites, you have many choices to boost brand visibility and maintain a strong presence online. The first thing you must do before turning to these platforms, however, is to create a compelling design for your website.

Your website serves as your business image online, and as a venue for interaction and information among your target audience. Without making it both search and user-friendly, you will lose many opportunities that will place your brand ahead of the competition.

Web design takes a lot more than combining ideas, putting up graphic images and improving navigations; it also places value on how you use the right elements to provide the best user experience for your website. Here are some ideas and templates that Birmingham web designers recommend:

Be Playful with Typography

A website does not only get its personality through layout alone; good typography adds uniqueness to user experience even before visitors read or click a button on the site. Different fonts for text and logos give the site a more artistic feel, without abandoning its professional look.

Be Minimal with a Flat Website

Flat websites have made a comeback in 2013 and are still pushing forth on today’s trends, as many major brands veered away from skeuomorphism. The idea behind a flat design is to use simple shapes and icons that provide easier accessibility and navigation, which prompt visitors to take action when they are on your site. The layout is simple, less cluttered and responsive, but speaks of modern minimalist designs that create a professional look and feel to the site.

Be Big with Background Images

Many sites have become big hits with images and videos that serve as interactive backdrops. These images and videos fill up the upper fold of most sites, giving visitors a peek into the business, products and services. The upside to this type of layout is it connects users to your brand, without compromising available information about the business.

Creating a great website layout is about knowing how it portrays your brand. It is best to consult a Birmingham web design company and find out if they have anything in their portfolio that can give the best look for your brand.