Why Consider Metal Roofs?

Metal RoofWhen it comes to roof longevity, there is no competition. Metal roofs are immovable from the top spot. When asked what factors to consider in assessing roofing quality, building owners claimed that service life and lifestyle cost are most important. Both of which just happen to be metal roof’s biggest strengths.

Longer lifespan – bigger savings on cost

In 2004, a Ducker Research company conducted a study that compared the different life cycles of metal roofs, asphalt roofs and single-ply roofs. By inspecting 36 roofing systems from all industries – office, retail, institutional – the study found that metal roofs had a life expectancy of at least 40 years, which is 17 years more than that of asphalt and 20 than that of single-ply.

Lifespan still depends on the materials used. For superior quality, dtiutah.com recommends copper, steel and zinc.

Additionally, they discovered that building owners spend an average of 30 cents per square foot annually on metal roofs, versus 37 cents on asphalt and 57 cents on single-ply. Maintenance of metal roofs only costs about 3.5% of the total installation cost, versus 28% for asphalt and 19% for single-ply.

The people have spoken – if you’re after service life and lower costs, going metal will be your best call.

Other advantages

Typically, a building’s HVAC system eats up at least 30% of the building’s energy, but investing in a well-designed and well-installed metal roofing system may help this number decline dramatically. Apart from saving on maintenance costs, with metal roofs, you can also slash up to 40% off your energy expenses. The solution lies in thicker insulation. With this feature, metal roofs can prevent energy loss and foster steady interior temperatures.

Other than temperature, metal roofs’ cost benefits include your building’s lighting. Metal roofs effectively absorb daylight and reflect it into the room, thus reducing your need for electric lighting.

From commercial to residential applications, metal roofs are sure to fill the requirements of the practical owner. And though they mostly boast useful functions, their aesthetic appeal can’t be overlooked. For your next roofing project, you know what material to choose.