Why You Should Move to Calistoga

Old Faithful CalistogaFamous for its hot springs and vineyards, Calistoga city in Napa County, California combines nature with modern comforts. This city is more than just tourist spots though, as its old-world charm attracts many looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. If you are looking for a more relaxed place to live, then Calistoga may just be the place.

Old-world charm

Most homes for sale in Calistoga, from companies like gatesestates.com, maintain a distinct old-European or colonial style that is not only charming to look at, but blends really well with nature. Even the modern houses have a distinct old-world feel to it, which helps maintain the laid-back atmosphere prevalent throughout the city.

Houses in the suburbs have large backyards while gated communities and luxury homes are nestled within scenic areas with plenty of trees. If you are tired of gray skyscrapers and busy intersections, then you will find the mix of nature and modern comforts appealing.

Plenty of scenic spots

Tourists flock to Calistoga regularly to marvel at the city’s many attractions, the most famous being its geothermal hot springs and spas that made the town a wellness destination for many years. The city is also home to traditional vineyards and wineries, and even California’s own Old Faithful, Little Old Faithful. Living in Calistoga means that you do not need to travel far to visit these scenic spots, as these are right at your doorstep.

Bustling nightlife

Do not let the city’s old-world charm fool you; Calistoga has a thriving nightlife scene. Many restaurants, grills, and bars highlight the local delicacy, and more importantly, the local wines straight from the vineyards. There is no shortage of hearty food and good drinks in this city.

Calistoga is also a popular venue for outdoor concerts; of particular note are the free weekly concerts at Pioneer Park. The city also home to exciting county fairs and parades, art exhibits, and film festivals.

If you have not yet decided where to move yet, consider making Calistoga your new home. This historic city is the best place to live if you are tired of all the stress of the big cities.