Divorce and Revenge Don’t Mix

When your divorce is because of one party’s infidelity or wrongdoing, it seems so easy to get even than to forgive. If you believe that your spouse was the sole cause why your marriage fell apart, you may be tempted to pull a dirty to [Read More]

Why You Should Work with a Mortgage Planner

Mortgage planners are just like mortgage brokers. The only difference is that they work for specific lending institutions. They help clients to understand their options and apply for mortgages that are in line with their needs and their financial means. If you plan to apply [Read More]

Probate in Colorado: When Do You Need a Lawyer?

When it comes to estates, most people would rather evade the subject. This is understandable at some level though, considering that planning an estate is often associated with passing. However, seeing that this is an inevitable occurrence and can just happen anytime to everyone, it’s [Read More]